Saturday, July 9, 2011

What I'm eating, July 2011

I've been doing this semi paleo thing for about 3 1/2 months now.  There's a lot I've eliminated, a lot I haven't, and I've started loving new foods. I feel it's time for me to make some more changes.
First, I'll tell you about the new foods I've added: sweet potatoes and fennel. I always thought I hated sweet potatoes, but it turns out I hate mushy, sweetened, sweet potatoes. I love them with savory seasonings and roasted.
Fennel is delicious, roasted or pan fried with the green attached.
I've already given up all gluten grains and dairy at this point. At first I tried giving up all grains but without beans and rice I felt deprived. I'm finding now that I don't feel good after eating beans. I have resisted this for years, but I have to acknowledge that if something gives you that kind of gas, your body is saying not to eat it! They  taste much less good to me now. So I will for the most part be cutting out legumes. I may have occasional dal and I am making an exception for occasional soymilk. I make my coffee black at home, I no longer eat I don't think the occasional soy mocha is out of line.
I also plan to cut way back on white potatoes. They also don't taste very good to me any more. they're inflammatory, and since one of the things that got me exploring paleo was osteoarthritis is seems a good thing to cut way back on. Sweet potatoes are much less inflammatory.
I'm going to try to schedule fewer meals with rice or corn, but enjoy them when we do. The corn will have to be organic. So far I can say rice has had no ill effects on me and my favourite meals wouldn't be the same without it!
Baking? Don't get me started. You know I'll be doing gran free baking, and using cane sugar. I may try to use some honey in more things though.
So, if I'm looking to restrict things more, I'll want to find more food to love. What do you suggest?

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