Thursday, February 9, 2012

Sugar and me. A Dysfunctional relationship.

The more I do this paleo eating thing, with more strictness, the less I find I crave sugar on a daily basis. I typically eat chocolate in the 85%-92% range now. I'm not a carb counter, but I prefer potatoes, fruit and berries to any other sources. I feel good. And then, THEN, comes a birthday, with cake and frosting. I even made a cake with souffle layers...eggs, chocolate, sugar. No grains. But the frosting, dang. That's when I know my relationship to sugar is like that of a borderline alcoholic to liquor. Like a person who can go along, having an occasional half glass of wine, but then goes to a New Year's party where they're serving Jello shots and end up going on a three month bender. And despite the nausea, headache, elevated heart rate, etc...I want more. I don't want to never eat cake again; I just need to make myself keep it under control.

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